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In the early 1990’s Roger Waltz was delivering a sail boat with a fixed radar mount from Tahiti to the U.S. They were on the same tack for over two weeks on the leg from Rangaroa, French Polynesia to Hilo, Hawaii, at never less than a 20 degree angle of heel. If the light of another vessel was seen at night, the radar and VHF were turned on. Calls on channel 16 to request course and speed of the unidentified vessel would be made, if the radio calls were answered at all, they were not in English. In order to determine course and speed to avoid a collision course they had to drop sails and/or change course to eliminate the heel to enable the radar to reveal the vessel’s position, speed, and course.

In 1993, Roger Waltz installed radar on his own boat and wanted to avoid this type of problem which will occur on any boat with a fixed radar mount that regularly may heel greater than 10 to 15 degrees. The gimbaled radar mounts available at the time were expensive. After consulting with his engineer brother Don a simpler and less expensive device was conceived. Neighbors in Roger's marina requested similar radar mounts for their boats and thus the Waltz RLS was born

Many improvements and modifications have been made since that time. Don Waltz, CEO of Waltz Manufacturing, has the responsibility of manufacturing and distribution of the Waltz RLS. Attention to detail, quality, service and reliability are paramount in our desire to provide a product of unequaled value.

Practical Sailor magazine has awarded the Waltz RLS ‘Best Buy’ among gimbaled radar mounts.



“I have used the Waltz RLS for 10 years on my 47’ sailboat “Austerity” in gale winds and 14’+ seas, It has always functioned properly. The radar has stayed level and stable in these conditions. Best of all, it is easy to install without climbing a mast and takes less than an hour”

L. A.

“While in the Gulf of Alaska in fog with 15-20ft following seas, the wind at 35-40 knots seeking a hole in the rocks on shore to hide in a protected bay we were very thankful we had a Waltz RLS on board, We never lost reliable radar coverage even when rolling to 45 degrees each way as we went through the surf.”

C. D.

“Sailing in the Pacific NW, navigation is critical. Strong currents, extreme tides, strong winds and seas as well as traffic and narrow passages make reliable radar data absolutely necessary, especially at night. Our Waltz RLS has provided us a sense of security and confidence for the past 10 years in reliable navigation in all conditions. We have never lost the radar horizon since installing the Waltz RLS. Thank you for a remarkable product.”

G. H.

“We have sailed 12 thousand miles in the past seven years to and from Alaska and Mexico. We have been in conditions of all extremes, 20+ ft seas and 65 knot winds to flat calm and heavy fog. The Waltz RLS has performed flawlessly. I highly recommend it for all Sailboats.”

T. L.

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