radar leveling system
radar leveling system

The Waltz radar leveling system

When a boat heels or rolls more than 10 to 15 degrees, a fixed radar system scans for submarines on one side and airplanes on the other. Under sail, or even under power, a boat is seldom less than this angle.

Get the View You Need
The Waltz radar leveling system manufactured and distributed by Waltz Manufacturing, offers a unique solution to this problem. The Waltz radar leveling system is a hydraulic-dampened, self leveling mount that guarantees your radar is level when you need it most.

Designed to last the lifetime of your boat, the Waltz radar leveling system is crafted entirely of marine grade stainless steel except for the mechanism housing, which is anodized aluminum, and it’s easy to use. The Waltz radar leveling system requires no electricity, power or maintenance. It’s available in styles to fit any radome to any mast, backstay, or post.

Level with the Horizon
The Waltz radar leveling system is a must on any boat. Because radar is needed in critical situations – detecting land mass or traffic while under way in heavy weather, in fog, or at night - it’s important to know that the view your radar gives you is as complete and accurate as possible to ensure a safe sailing experience. Get the view you need with the Waltz RLS self leveling mount. You also can add a gps antenna mount to the Waltz RLS.

At Waltz Manufacturing, all the work we do revolves around one central idea: Marine quality without the marine price. That’s not as easy as it sounds.

Sail boat on water

We can do it because we’re sailors, too. We’ve been around boats - big and small - and we know what breaks first. We’ve all seen rivets pop at critical moments. We’ve seen manufactures of sail boat accessories scrimp on stainless steel only to see critical components buckle under the stress of heavy air.

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radar leveling system
The Waltz RLS keeps the radar level even though the mast continues to sway.

radar leveling system
radar leveling system


Here’s where we put the extra attention:

  • Hand machining. These products are not mass-produced.
  • Quality materials. Marine-grade stainless steel replaces aluminum on the parts that really count.
  • Attention to detail. All equipment mounts are customized for your boat.
  • Superior design. Smart looking and maintenance free.

Quality Materials. Old world craftsmanship. Loving attention to detail. Take a look at our products. You’ll agree that they’re the best on the market today.

Waltz Manufacturing
The best source for all your marine antenna mounts. Fixed or Gimbaled, we have the mount for you. Waltz Manufacturing will custom fabricate your sailboat accessories.

In its October 1998 issue, Practical Sailor rated the Waltz RLS the “Best Buy Among Gimbaled Backstay Radar Mounts."


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radar leveling system

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